Lost In Time

by Parasite Diet

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Alan Mays
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Alan Mays Fun and peppy! Give a listen to He Could Be The One, Cutlass Supreme, and We're So Great! Favorite track: He Could Be The One.
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released October 3, 2014



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Parasite Diet Paducah, Kentucky

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Track Name: Cutlass Supreme
Dirtbike Mike and Moped Ted
Share a bicycle built for two
and mother has a hover craft
that she won't loan to you
And Jimmy, on the exit beat
can ride a giant floating peach
and rockets carry monkeys to the moon

but I cruise around like a living dream
in my automatic GM time machine
and everybody knows when I'm on the scene
in my little gold '97 Cutlass Supreme

We can go to Pocono, Paducah, or De Queen
or seal and hide the wheels inside and take her out to sea
if you need to get somehwere
get with me, I'll get you there
I can take you anywhere you need

Dirtbike Mike and Moped Ted
share a bicycle built for two
and Bryan bought a flying Datsun
he won't loan to you
and I'm not having half the fun
as Egon in his Ecto-1
but I don't have a proton pack to shoot
Track Name: Night of the Bugs
There's no hope for anyone alive
the giant bees have built their giant hives
and China doesn't stand a chance
against these 20 story ants
and France is overrun with mammoth slugs

Night of the bugs
they're multiplying
mosquitoes, flies and slugs
it's the end of the age of the man

Rolly polly boulders rolling out
with fleas the size of mattresses about
please call on Master Terminix
and plead that he come cast some hex
insecticide inside hot metal slugs

Night of the bugs

please call on Master Terminix
and plead that he come cast some hex
insecticide inside nuclear hugs

Night of the bugs
Track Name: We're So Great Together (And We Know It (Now))
I had things to do before I went crazy
you could have been something too, if you weren't so lazy
together we're half the person one of us should be
the secret's out, there's no doubt that you belong with me

We're so great together and we know it now

We could have a ball when we're doing nothing
but if you want it all, I could think of something
you don't ask for much, and that means a lot
when nothing's good enough and it's all we got

We're so great together and we know it now

Don't listen to those other guys
they might tell you otherwise
but we both know they're dumb
and if they're right, I don't care
I'm not going anywhere
Track Name: Gone Now
Gone now, yeah you're gone now
and it's time to be alone if I remember how
but to tell the truth,
I really hate the part of you
that round up my cats
and put them in a crate
and took them to Kentucky
even though you know they hate it

It's on now, yeah you're gone now
and wounds will heal, as time allows
but if I could just say that
I think it's okay that
you said you don't love me
and that you don't wanna see me
so why would you come by
to pick up the TV

You're the mean one
but I still feel terrible
about all those broken promises
and feelings that I hurt
and letting you sleep in my MST3K t-shirt
Track Name: Brittany.exe
I know it's not the way it seems
in all my memories and dreams
but I can't get you off my mind
my eyes are fine, but I choose to be blind

inside my simulated world
I'm with my bit and number girl
and I don't mind that you're not real
I need you and the way you make me feel

Coded for loving me
I want to stay plugged in with you

outside my artificial home
my body's broken and alone
but I know things will be alright
if I can sleep next to you every night

Coded for loving me
I want to stay plugged in with you

inside that box upon the shelf
I built a planet for myself
and there's a version there of me
who's much much happier than I could ever be
Track Name: She's So Fine
Got a girl with some big brown eyes
she's got a really cool power type to hypnotize
and I'm not the perfect man
but now I got here, and we got plans
and it's time

she's so fine

a head full of big brown curly hair
a pair of bright green polka dot underwear
my baby cast a spell
and if we're unhappy, I can't tell
and it's time

she's so fine

and I hope that she'd like to stay
or else I'll count the days until she walks away
if she don't wanna be with me
I got a head full of damn good memories
of good times

she's so fine
Track Name: Lost In Time
Let's go where everything has always been
turn back the clock and do it all again
let's turn the page and start something new
journey to the end of time, me and you

we were born into a world in which we don't belong
I know that you can feel it too
just fight the feeling that what's in your heart is wrong
we gotta take a chance or two

so together we will go
to a new place we've always known
let's take the world down a new line
let's get lost in time
Track Name: I Wish I Was Tommy
Tommy's such a lucky guy
why can't I be like him
He gets your attention
and he gets your time
and you wanna be with him
and every time I talk to you
his name always comes up
and everyone you know is talking about him
I think Tommy sucks

cuz he gets to do what I wanna do
he gets to be with you
you say he's not your boyfriend but you're with him all the time
it makes me wanna puke

I wish I was Tommy
Track Name: Mr. Moon
I've been thinking so much
for the plays of the planet
and had an idea or two
like the dirt and the trees
and the rivers and breezes
are fully inspired by you
and the sky suits your eyes
when the sun's soon to rise
and the stars sit in blankets of grey
and the sun, warm and fair
nearly matches your hair
when she's perched at the top of the day
as the tide rolls about
and it whispers and shouts
it reminds me of things you would think
and the trees grow as tall
as your failure to fall
and their strength is almost as distinct
Mr. Moon, he rolls back
on his back and he laughs
at the people all scattered below
the perspective elected
is one you selected
and that's why it tickles him so
and the grace of your smile
goes on for a mile
a mile and two miles more
it peaks with the mountains
and tumbles and bounces
and settles to dance with the shore
it's easy to know
when there's nowhere to go
and there's nowhere that I'd rather be
I have what I wish
in the greatest condition
you are the whole world to me
Track Name: Ghosts On The Moon
I said that I was going and you said that it's okay
you said you know I'd be unhappy if I stayed anyway
if you don't hear back from me
and you don't see me real soon
you can bet I'm with the ghosts on the moon

happiness is easy, you don't need a recipe
but if you're short on an ingredient, just keep a bit of me
if you choose all the hot air, you could fill a balloon
and you can ride it to the ghosts on the moon

why did you grow up so weird
why did you grow up

I said I'm going crazy and you said you'd love me still
you said you don't believe in medicine, but you'd stay on the pill
if you don't hear back from me
and you don't see me real soon
you can bet I'm with the ghosts on the moon
you know I'm with the ghosts on the moon