Coast to Coast

by Parasite Diet

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released May 12, 2017

Fanboy: Guitar/Vocals
Padlock: Bass/Vocals
Steven: Guitar/Vocals
Sam: Guitar/Vocals
Technicolor Kid: Drums/Vocals

Additional instrumentation and vocals by Josey Juice and Shelby Preklas.

Recorded and mixed by Shelby Preklas at Loud and Clear Studios in Paducah, Kentucky.

Artwork by Steven Danielson and Brandon Strauss
Layout by Matt Bennett

All songs written by Parasite Diet except where otherwise noted.



all rights reserved


Parasite Diet Paducah, Kentucky

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Track Name: Coast to Coast
Time travel lines are open
and there's still hope on the radio
turn it on, turn it up for me

George sorts the crypto noises
with a microphone and a golden voice
turn it on, turn it up for me

time, we got time
turn it on, turn it up for me
Coast to coast

wild card lines are open
and I hear ghosts on the radio
turn it on, turn it up for me

art bell, the master man
he's got a microphone and a master plan
turn it on, turn it up for me.
Track Name: The Traveler
Lying alone in my own bed
I could be anywhere instead
we could be anywhere you want
I could be everywhere at once
catch me when I'm falling down
we can turn everyone around
and if I mean anything, you'll wake me up before I hit the ground

I can't sleep without you tonight
can't sleep alone
and I can't sleep without you tonight

I can bring heaven home to you
I can bring earth and oceans too
I can see everything from here
I have seen planets disappear
I have seen time begin and end
I have seen love lost in the wind
I have seen universes fall apart and built back up again
Track Name: Killer Bees
Flying all across the town
They're spreading the word around
There's no room for anybody else
Every time we walk outside
Buzzin' hummin' to the heat of the sunlight
Pollinating devastated things

They may be twice the might of me
With 2.5 times the eyes of me
I can see them flying miles away

Killer bees

They may be way ahead of me
With three times the set of legs of me
I can hear them flying miles away
Track Name: Chrononaut
The clock stops below me
the world spins above me
and I got no secrets
nobody's here to love me

and I am the chrononaut

I've see the folder
and I know the mission
I've got some worries
but nobody's here to listen

and I am the chrononaut

when your world stops spinning
and you got nowhere to be
just take your flare and shoot it straight up in the air
and I will see
and I'll be back to get you

and I am the chrononaut

we could have forever
you and me
Track Name: Radio Girl
I stumbled on a secret channel
with the lights all out all about the panel
and the static on the line gave way to the voice of a girl
a heart stopped flat and disconnect
a beat translated and projected
a signal that she wanna broadcast all over the world

I caught a lost transmission
a lovelorn call from a new dimension, yeah
I checked the sequencing
I can't set my dial to a frequency of earth
That's not where I'm gonna find her

My radio girl
are you out there
radio girl
are you listening

time fell still, inconsequential
is she for real, did I go mental
I went all in, but did I go all insane
strung out on what she possesses
stressed out mess, totally obsessive
I gave my heart to a soul on another plane

I, by my own admission,
may have fantasized, manifested fiction, yeah
I checked the sequencing,
I'm gonna set my dial to a frequency of love
and I know I'm gonna find her
Track Name: Safari
we're going on safari
we're gonna have fun
on the surface of the sun

come on
the sun is shining
it's beautiful day
to catch some rays

we're going on safari
we're gonna have fun
playing on the sun

get out
get out of the way
I think there's something coming
it's a solar flare

and all the waves I see are pure atomic energy
supernova chasing after me
Track Name: Sitzkrieg on Mar del Plata
U-350 submarines of
the reich's reach out in Argentina
the only empire vessels to survive

the old german and his brand new wife
visibly shaken, unmistakably alive
in July of 1945

Hey, Mr. Hoover, have you got a second please
I think there's something that you might wanna know

Sitzkrieg on Mar del Plata

on confidential pages
evil gets old, but it never ages
even when the trail is getting cold
he worked for the pope and church in
20-odd years of hopeless searching
for a lost metropolis of gold

Hey, Mr. Hoover, has he outlasted your will
or is there something you don't want us to know
Track Name: Lightning Bug
Shining all night just to get your attention
nobody else seems to notice me
just a little light tower buzzing in the night
sending signals only you can see

'cause I'm your lightning bug and I only light up for you

Blinking, blinking, what was I thinking
I never had a chance with a girl like you
just a little pin light up against the night
but what's a test center runaway lover boy do
Track Name: The Message for Clara
time of confusion is here
terrifying changes, dear
but just know that we are here for you now

visions cloudy become clear
voices from beyond your year
your true destiny draws near for you now

we've been watching all along
patiently waiting so long
for the day when you would come to belong

bloodline running through the past
phrophesized truth at long last
daughter of the seer cast now belongs

take your place as messenger
share with us the things you've heard
deliver enlightened words from beyond

guide us now into the light
utilize your new found sight
lead the way into the night and we'll follow you until the end of times

hey little girl it's all planned out
hey little girl it's all mapped out
hey little girl it's all planned out for you

hey little girl it's all made out
hey little girl it's all laid out
hey little girl it's all made out for you

what you see
what you see is what's meant to be
Track Name: I Will Love You Forever
Don't worry 'bout what momma says
it's all in her head
she's still freaking out

don't worry 'bout what daddy does
he's upset because
he's still freaking out

they don't get it
they will never get it
so pick your head up and try to forget it

I will love you forever
no matter what it takes

it doesn't matter what they say
they can all just go away
'cause they don't know any better
I know they made you feel you don't belong
but you should know they couldn't be more wrong
'cause we belong together
Track Name: HAARP
When I play the harp
I play the lead part
I play the winter and the summer, in the spring I play the sun
when I play the harp
I am the responsible one

I can pluck a string
and change your clothing
and with a wave, I'll sway the day and I can drive the waves away
when I make a choice
I am the responsible one

and there's a place
a magic place
a place we come face to face with space and state
that we demand control of our own thermostat
the strange array's arranged a way
that gives us a say
and we shout
and we throw a fit and shout

and when the sky grows dark and cold
and the clouds have taken hold (of everything)
we don't have to shiver hopeless
because I have a song and we can dance (we can dance)

when I strum a chord
I'm the conductor
and if the sky has had enough and it should shatter and be done
if it falls apart
I am the responsible one

and now it's over